All of our ingredients are homemade, wherever possible

Our base

Coconut milk, eggs, maple syrup, honey, butter

(A healthier alternative, but incredibly delicious)

If you're not bothered about the healthier side of ice cream, we also have a Jersey milk, Jersey cream and sugar base

Our flavours

They are ENDLESS!

(We will also add your choice to our menu)

  • Liquorice, dark chocolate & blackcurrant (using real liquorice root powder, not anise oil!)

  • Gin, marmalade & sourdough toast

  • Mint Choc Chip (spirulina is what makes it green!)

  • Chocolate brownie & espresso (homemade brownie made with coconut sugar, real shot of espresso)

  • Amaretto & black cherry

  • Mango, turmeric & black pepper 

  • Baileys and homemade cookies

  • Chaga mushroom & cacao (using real chaga powder with exceptional health benefits)

  • Cake! Simply cake incorporated into the flavour

These are just a few.

We can cater for all requests. 

Toppings Station!

We also offer a toppings station with whipped cream, glitter, sauces...this can all be tailored to your event at no extra cost